Location of inline orifice tube

Mar 31, · Here' s a quick video to describe the proper way to install a fixed orifice tube in a mobile air conditioning system. The adapter has an overall length of 9 3/ 4". Here we are working on a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu, but this same information. Location of inline orifice tube.

Jul 06, · Orifice tube location Post by aribert » Mon Jul 06, 4: 06 am I have purchased a ' 92 factory shop manual for my ' 91 truck ( I am hoping that not too much changed between the adjacent years and the 92 manual was half the price of a ' 91 manual). Make sure you' re installing the orifice tube the right way. Orifice adapters are compact and cost effective way to pre- set, a specified orifice in specific hydraulic tube or hose line. I also have to disagree that an orifice tube is somehow inferior. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with A/ C Orifice Tube from AutoZone. Costly flow control valves can be eliminated or minimized in a system and hydraulic system maintenance managers can be assured that end users are not adjusting the factory established flow and speed characteristics of the hydraulic system.

Sometimes it is built into the liquid or high pressure line or inserted into the high pressure line right where the line connects to the condenser. Orifice Fittings. Dec 07, · The orifice tube should have an arrow that correlates to the flow of the refrigerant. Jul 04, · I have to respectfully disagree that A/ C system size has anything to do with whether it uses an orifice tube or expansion valve. This inline orifice tube repair kit allows you to move your orifice tube anywhere within your liquid line. My son has a 96 Camaro that has an orifice tube, and the total system charge on that car is LESS than one pound.

May 31, · However, on some vehicles the orifice tube location varies. As also stated by the fender tag. When the orifice tube is built into the line, it’ s referred to as a Liquid Line Orifice Tube ( LLOT) or a Suction and Liquid Line with. The crimp sleeves of the kit crimp to # 6 standard barrier hose. We know our parts and products. Getting the o- rings on the orifice tube slightly.

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